kolandra Dupree

Shy Fowler Foundation

At the Shy Fowler Foundation, our mission is to assist families who are impacted by Cancer, Strokes, Alzheimer’s & Dementia. We provide families with financial support, food, personal items, household items, prayer & recommend other resources.

Founded in 2023, by James & Kolandra Dupree. Grand Opening January 1, 2024. The Shy Fowler Foundation is dedicated to Betty Shy & Barbara Fowler. Betty Shy is my mother in-law who passed away in 2003 due to a stroke and cancer. Barbara Fowler is my grandmother, who suffered a  stroke in 2012. She was able to beat all odds and is still with us today. Both illnesses impacted our lives and lead us to create this Foundation in hopes of helping other families impacted by the same or similar condition. 

Our team is made up of dedicated individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the world. From our volunteers to our board members, everyone at the Shy Fowler Foundation is committed to our mission.

Kind regards,

James & Kolandra Dupree

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